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2 color offset printing machine for sale

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Size 36 x 52 cm, Cptronic, Segmented ink blades, Alcolor dampening, Baldwin cooling and recirculation system, Blanket wash, Easyplate, 13.000 sheets per hour. Machine nr: PM000318, Impressions: 46 million Blwgedw7vv more
Imprints: 19 Mio. Standard Version Cyzpz7vo Powdersprayer Platepunch more
2-color offset press Fabr.: Weihai, Type: WIN PC 52-2, Model: WIN522, SN: 348, BJ.: 10/2006, Hcuisxhms Techic data: Paper format: 520 x 375 mm, Pressure shape dimension: 510 x 400 x 0.3 (total thickness) Pressure speed: 3,000-12000 leaf/hr. Pressure cloth: 528 x 437 x 1.9 mm, Paper feed: Feeder Number of rolls: 17 order rollers, 4 water rollers, Total engine power: 7.5 kW Dimensions: 2,700 x 2,230 x 1,710 mm, Weight: About 3,500 kg more
Size 53 x 74 cm, Cptronic, Easyplate, Blanket wash, Ecocolor, Baldwin cooling and recirculation unit, Powderspray, Perfecting 1-1 or 2-0, only used for printing 40GSM paper Machine nr: 741508, Impressions: 136 million Bgqfpjjg more
Size 72 x 102 cm, CPC 1-03, Cptronic, Alcolor dampening, Autoplate, Baldwin cooling and recirculation unit, Grafix Exatronic powder spray, Perfecting 1-1 Machine nr: 536390, Impressions: 140 million Odzfd more
offset printing machine Manufacturer: manroland (edelmann license) Model: Practica PRZ Year: 1999 Colors: 2/0 and 1/1 (with twist) Format: 36 x 52 cm Ysslok Price: on requrest "Practica PRZ" offset printing machine Condition: defective as a spare part dispenser Price: on requrest Package Price: on request more
2 color offset printing machine Manufacturer: Adast Model: Dominant 526A P No .: 52610370 Sch .: 3256101 IP: 43 year: 1998 counter: 36752233 Additional equipment: Supplement for numbering and perforating IR dryer Printax Dampening cooling ionization Remote color and register adjustment Gmshpdovq Inking unit temperature control (not used) Location Germany Price on request more
Size 36 x 52 cm, Segmented ink blades, DDS dampening, Console, Perfecting 2-2 or 4-0, Plus version Bgnpuwu7 Machine nr: 718685, Impressions: 37 million more
Manufacturer: Heidelberg Model: GTOZ 52 Year: 1987 continuous-film dampening system: Crestline sheet brake extended sidelay mark Condition: good, can be seen in production Counter: 22646102 Bkuu3g2ryo Available: now Location: Germany Price: on request more
370×520 mm (14.5×20″) CP-2000, Alcolor Vario, Autoplate, Autom. ink roller-, blanket- and impression cylinder wash-up device, up to 0.6 mm, Silverline, Low-pile delivery, Stream feeder, Antistatic device, Powder sprayer, Cmzbgxcu 31 Mio. imprints only Available: at short term more
Offset printing machine 2 color in good condition 70x100 .works well Blhii07goi more
AKIYAMA BT 428 Max paper size: 520x720 mm Smallest size: 230x350 mm Image area: 490x690 mm Plate size: 550x700 mm Speed: 13.000 sh/h Power consumption: 19.4 kw Length: 4475 mm Width: 2540 mm Height: 1908 mm Weight Approx: 8800 kg Colors: 4 Offer details Location: Romania Bigvalxnbw Still in production Yes Test possible Yes Complete and in working condition: Yes Counter approx.: 115 mio. Machine details: ACC off-press control * Alcohol dampening system * IR Infra red dryer * ROYCE cooling + recir... more
Impression count: 27 MIO Equipment: CP 2000 Press Control Autoplate Semi automatic plate changer Alcolor dampening Technotrans CombiStar refrigeration Ink Temperature control Bduu0czlm All Automatic washing devices Coating Unit with chambered doctor blade system Extended Delivery IR Dryer Grafix Alphatronic 200 powder spray device more
+Version DDS dampening system Quick release rails Bltjopsnsw Powder device Straight ahead machine Pressure payer status: approx. 25 million Technical data: Number of printing units : 2 printing units Printing capacity Maximum : 8.000 sheets / hour Largest sheet format X : 360 mm Largest sheet format Y : 520 mm Min. sheet size X : 140 mm Min. sheet format Y : 105 mm Largest print format (X) : 340 mm Largest print format (Y) : 505 mm more
Pressure number approx. 36 million Bjx0vu7p8b CPC Classic with remote register control Double Sheet Testing Unit Plate change: Autoplate Damping unit: Mg Eco Alcolor Plates cylinder chrome-plated Washing device: Automatic blanket and roller washing device Minus version Sheet size max.: 370 x 520 mm Sheet format min.: 105 x 145 mm Max print size: 360 x 520 mm Output: 13,000 sheets/h more
We sell our beloved Printmaster 74-2. Only 35,000 million impressions, built in 2006, single-shift Turning works perfectly, machine is in operation Bjcyvng0mo No changeover during runtime more
HEIDELBERG GTO 52 - 2 color Bkekvfaimf more
Heidelberg PM 52-2+ Year 2007 23 mio Alcolor, all washers, easy plate, plus Version incl. N+P unit Bj3vvb3f0c Straight machine more
Heidelberg Speedmaster 52-2 Straight machine year 2006 Bzwc8ens 55 ml.impression Prinec Press Center Alcolor+Tecnotrans Full autowash complete cleaned and checked new jacket on transfert cylinder in stock available immediately more
35 Mio impressions Zqxi9c3p More pictures upon request more
Alcolor Autoplate Strx0c Fount solution circulation and cooling M.G.E. Eco Inking unit washing device Blanket washing device Pull Mark Control Sheet Dispenser Powder sprayer Alphatronic 200 42 million more
Approx. 108 mils. Impressions Alcolor dampening system with IPA Baldwin cooling unit CPC control unit Washing unit for the ink rollers and rubber rollers Muv8mg Double sheet control ultrashall Powder unit - mediprint Machine is still in production and can be tested Machine was maintained regularly and is working without any problems more
Counter (m): 16 // around 3.500-10.000 B. / h Format (cm): 34x46 Equipment / Additional information: Tool and equipment Documentation Bcm0h3bp2v more
Heidelberg SM72-Z S.N. 531587 Bizcrhujl0 Year of manufacture : 1990 Condition : excellent (used) approx. 58 mio. Pressure CPC – CPTronic, alcohol dampening with circulation more
Equipment: - CP-Tronic digital machine control - Heidelberg laser-slit knife ink fountain with lever adjustment - Alcolor film dampening systems with circulation and cooling Baldwin - Autoplate automatic plate changing system - automatic ink roller washing device Bhnlznsjsn - automatic blanket and impression cylinder washing device - Powder apparatus - Deep pile delivery - Standard accessories - max. 15'000 sheets / hour more
Heidelberg SM 52-2+ straight machine plus version Year 2003 size 37x52 automatic washes device Ysdstc autoplate approx 37 mio impressions more
approx. 51 million impressions, CPC control Register integrated, Alcolor, Autoplate, dampening ciruclation and cooling M.G.E. ECO, ink unit washing device, blanket cylinder washing device, pullguide control, sheet decurler, powder device Alphatronic 200 Hmyf0v82o more
Size 37 x 52 cm - ca. 32 mio impr. Bh9shzrsez Perfector1/1 - 2/0 Alcolor Autoplate Technotrans cooling powder spray more
2-color sheet-fed offset printing machine Make WIN Type PC52-2 Year of construction 2010 Under power can be visited Location Dinslaken Paper size mm 520x375 Gotzq0u9q minimum paper size 200x155 Print speed 3000-12000 sheets per hour with register remote adjustment including scale depositor and suction belt table optical camera supported register punch more
Facilities: dampening: standard 72uhmzv8h Location: Renningen more
Miller TP 104-2 Bc0sdqpcxt Year 1987 Standard Water Dampering with Recirculation visible in production 74 Million Impression more
approx 98 million impressions, CPC control Register integrated, dampening circulation and cooling M.G.E. ECO, ink unit washing device, blanket cylinder washing device, pullguide control, sheet decurler, powder device Alphatronic 200 Be2l3ljc8b more
approx. 42 million impressions, Alcolor, Autoplate, CPC control Register integrated, Baldwin dampening circulation and cooling, pullguide control, ultrasonic double sheet control, sheet decurler, powder device Alphatronic 200 Bsqsrvma more
Size 72 x 104 cm, Inline color pilot, Suction tape feeder belt, Antistatic device, APL fully automatic plate change, Blanket wash, Roller wash, Impression cylinder wash, Technotrans Beta.C cooling and recirculation device, AlcoSmart, Ink temp control, Tresu chamber ductor coating unit, Roland Seccomatic IR dryer, Airglide, Grafix Cantronic 3000 powderspray, Piab compressor cabinet Machine nr: 33736B, Impressions: 166 million Blwf72ohra more
Gronau (Westfalen) Germany
17991 km
excellent (used)
3.500 €
Starting bid not including VAT
Another 14 days
2/1 colour offset printing machine (RYOBI, 522PFH) Tnheiqe more
Manufacturer: Rotaprint Blnl8al0sz Model: R 45 K Year: 1986 Availability: In stock Condition: good Location: germany Price: on request more
/ year of construction: 2001 / CE-compliant / size: 32 x 46 cm / equipped with: 2 colours / also equipped with:SDP-Eco 1630 III platesetter / delivery time: immediately Bkpoxfz3w7 more
- Impressions: ca. 31 mio. - format: 52 x 74 cm - RCI Remote Controlled Inking - suction feeder table K37sthbz - Rolandmatic dampening - straight machine - powder spray - new teflon ink fountains (quick change surface) more
Size 53 x 75 cm, CP 2000, Axis control, Alcolor Vario dampening, Heidelberg Hydrostar cooling and recirculation device, Autoplate, Blanket wash, Roller wash, Impression cylinder wash, Double sheet control, Anti static device in feeder and delivery, Weko AP 232 powderspray. Impressions: 130 million, Machine nr: LS000283 Gwmpi0 more
CP 2000 Axis Control Alcolor Vario Autoplate Preset feeder and delivery Ink-unit temperature control 2rjwge AirStar Air transfer system Autom. ink roller-, blanket- and impression cylinder wash-up device Perfecting 2/3 Eltex Antistatic in feeder and delivery Steelplate in Feeder, Steelplate in delivery Electronic doublesheet control Powder sprayer short-term available more
offset printing machine GTOZP 52, 2 colours, year 1990, normal dampening unit, minus version, machine is in good condition, immediately available Bixff2sbn8 more
Impression: 30 Mio. Stream feeder Vacuum feed board Register remote adjustment Gxtko2t Plate cocking device Ryobimatic film dampenings Cooling unit MGE ECO AAC - Aqua Automatic Control System Semi-automatic plate change SAPC Prepared to use polyester plates Automatic ink roller washing device Automatic blanket washing unit Dry sprayer more
Komori GS 228 Year 2002 56 million impressions -N°1039 - Komorimatic dampening Ciy3hueg - Technotrans - SAPC- PQC- AMR Chrome cylinders Immediately available in Production NEW 24 ROLER WESTLAND 6/2019 more
- Varn Kompac III dampening - without perfecting - quick plate clamping - low pile delivery Bjdkcnmnk2 - plus version - powder sprayer Weko more
Size 72x102 cm, Speed 15.000 per hour, PQC (Print Quality Control), PDC-SII density control, Plate cocking, Komorimatic dampening, Technotrans Beta C 170 L cooling and recirculation device, Autoplate, All washers, Baldwin IVT IR dryer, Powder exhaust, Extended delivery, Coating unit Ukpsi8qv more
We have for sale Adast Dominant 515: Year: 1991 Colours: 1 Size: 360 x 520 mm Water dampening No damages on cylinders Condition: Very good, working Location: Poland Available immediately Y3lgidvhn more
offset printing machine Ryobi 512 H, 2 colours, year 1998, alcolor, in good condition, immediately available Bhugpaklqf If you are interested, we would be pleased to inform you about other machines in our company. You are very welcome to visit the machine in our house after prior appointment. more
Size: 340 x 460 mm Straight machine without perfecting Ptu9zy more
Size 72 x 102 cm, Speed 15.000 per hour, PQC (Print Quality Control), PDC-SII density control, Plate cocking, Komorimatic dampening, Technotrans Beta C 170 L cooling and recirculation device, Autoplate, All washers, Perfecting 2-2 Hymr8aj more

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