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Profile-Bending Machine MD

Göppingen, GermanyGermany dealership location
6699 km
angle steel/side length unbkt mm double T-iron on the x-axis unbkt. mm U-iron on the x-axis unbkt. mm Bhw3gsoi total power requirement kW weight of the machine ca. t dimensions of the machine ca. m more

   Punching machines    EDEL   HM 50/750

Eilenburg, GermanyGermany dealership location
6747 km
 Offer details Sn8mpvdr   Control type  conventional storage location  from stock country of origin  Germany delivery time  upon request of freight base  EXW - ex-works price (free loaded)  on request technical details of tonnage capacity: 50 t  Projection: 750 mm  2.6 kW  Weight approx. 1900 kg  Power range: Diameter. 26 mm in thickness 15 mm more
GTR 60 is a stationary rolling mill for arcs and spirals. The application of modular rollers means that this rolling mill can work with a broad spectrum of rolled piece dimensions. Thanks to the 3-roller drive, it is possible to roll smaller structural profiles in one pass. GTR 60 works in the vertical and horizontal position, allowing for more practical use of the machine. Drive of all rollers: All 3 rollers of the machine are driven with the possibility of disconnecting the top bending r... more
Bending capacity 26 mm diameter at 65 kg/mm² Speed 10 rpm Motor 1,5 kW Dimensions approx. 820 x 900 x 850 mm Mwsed Weight approx. 308 kg equipped with electronic control "Angle Control" with 20 different bendings memory with EC declaration of conformity Manufacturing country: Italy more
 Offer details   Control type  Bosch Trumagraph storage location  from location country of origin  Germany delivery time Ndcxf  upon request of freight base  EXW - ex-works price (free loaded)  on request technical details control / CNC: Bosch Trumagraph  Cutting force / cutting force: 250 kN  maximum sheet thickness / Max sheet thickness: 6,4 mm  maximum punching diameter / maximum punching diameter 76.2 mm   maximum workpiece weight 150 kg  Workspace / working area: 2500 mm x... more
Hydraulic punching machine PH 70 Smaller universal hydraulic press This general purpose hydraulic punching machine is perfectly suited for all types of metal forming, cutting, bending or hole punching. - piston stroke adjustable upto 70mm - punches fastened directly in the pressing piston - pressing force regulation - backlit working part Lfwot - simple operation - universal applications - quiet work - broad operating range thanks to a wide array of punching die sets Technical... more
Flat steel length 30 mm Flat steel width 8 mm Delivery promptly, subject to prior sale Structural steel: Steel 16 mm, 13 mm x 13 mm square steel, flat steel 30 x 8 mm Glibmwqn8 Wrought iron: Steel 12 mm, square steel 10 x 10 mm, flat steel 30 x 6 mm Bronze/copper: steel square bars 12 x 12 mm, 16 mm, 30 x 8 mm flat steel Aluminium: steel flat steel 30 x 10 mm, 18 mm, square steel 15 x 15 mm Weight: 20 kg Universal bending device to the angular, round, tire and Sprialbiegen round bending... more
Punching machine for steel profiles PM 10 Eccentric punch press This machine has been designed with fitting companies that manufacture light, galvanized steel structures in mind. - technological undercuts in terminal parts of steel profiles - simple operation - high efficiency: 30 cycles/min - operates in automatic and semi-automatic mode L38whqmj wide range of operation thanks to an array of blanking die sets, i.e. bar cutting set, hole punching - - set for sheets, set for perpendi... more
Flat steel length 100 mm Flat steel 5 mm wide Delivery promptly, subject to prior sale Cold: flat steel 100 x 5 mm, 16 x 16 mm square steel, steel rod 18 mm, angle steel 60 x 8 mm Ncbjz Hot: flat steel 100 x 5 mm, square steel Angle steel: 100 x 12 mm Weight: 29 kg Inserts can be used to the cold and hot bending bending angle up to 120° adjustable bending stop Exzenterschnellspannung different more
maximum working length 3140 mm sheet gauge up to 0,8 mm approx. weight of the hand machine 450 kg shear cutting on the whole working length upper bar lifting in three positions Xtogw332 maximum clearance between bars 80 mm more

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