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Custom Interiors Ltd

Custom Interiors Ltd from Sutton:

Used woodworking and stone machinery.

Mr Maciej Dzieciatkowski
Parsons Close 3
SM1 3BP Sutton
Great Britain

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Machining center
Machining center HOMAG BAZ 222

Used CNC machining center Make: HOMAG Type: OPTIMAT BAZ222/60/K Unreconditioned-without warranty Year of construction: 2010 with gluing unit with FLEX -5 AGGREGAT Workpiece lengt... ...

Machining center
Machining center Homag Profi BOF 311 Venture 15L

Console table with LED suction cup position indicator, 8 manually movable consoles (length 1340mm) with 3 vacuum cups each, 6 support rails Workpiece clamping via vacuum pump 100/1... ...

machining center
machining center Weeke Venture 2M

I sell 4-axis machining center Homag Weeke Venture 2M, very good condition little used, rich equipment, a large number of drills in the spindle. Very good machines , reliable. The ... ...

CNC machining center
CNC machining center Weeke Venture 109M

Good condition. Dozvjt... ...

CNC machining center
CNC machining center SCM Tech Z2

SCM - CNC machining center Type: Tech Z2-27 Year of construction: 2011 - 4-axis machining - tubeless traverse system - Xilog-Plus - Incl. 2x angular gearbox - Available by arrangem... ...

machining centre
machining centre IMA BIMA QUADROFORM C80/280:I IMA BIMA QUADROFORM C80/280:I

Technical specifications Working dimension X 2.800 mm Working dimension Y 1.000 mm Working dimension Z 100 mm Number of milling spindles 1 Main motor power 7,5 kW Rotation spe... ...

machining center
machining center HOMAG BOF211 VENTURE 16M

This machine is in use and currently working. Selling because a new CNC is on order Qkox2jhj3... ...

Machining center
Machining center MASTERWOOD TF 600 KT

Brief description: 6 sides Machining: left, right, front, rear, top, bottom Aggregates: Upper drilling head with the following equipment: - 12 vertical drilling spindles (8 in X-di... ...

Work center
Work center Masterwood Winner 2.45

Numerical Control with CN12 Sincro Software Rr7zmnw9sb Working field in X axis 2750 mm Working field in Y axis 1200 mm Working stroke in Z axis 110 mm N ° 2 work fields Bar worktop... ...

machining centre
machining centre SCM Z2

CNC z2 scm vintage 2008 - working dimensions 3000 x 1300 mm - 6 working calipers - 8 kW milling cutter Rr0mnr0j7p - tool change 8 positions - 12+6 milling head + saw blade - vacuum... ...

CNC machining center
CNC machining center HOMAG BMG 311 Venture 316L

CNC machining center Homag BMG 311 Venture 316L Year of construction 2013 was retrofitted: - new computer incl. WW 7.1 on the machine and AV workstation - Barcode scanner incl. s... ...

Machining center
Machining center MASTERWOOD Winner 3.2

10 independent vertical spindles (spacing 32 mm) 2 double horizontal spindles in X-axis 1 double horizontal spindle in Y-axis Peripheral speed (spindle 4200 rpm) W:S motor for spin... ...

Vertical machining center CNC
Vertical machining center CNC BIESSE BREMA EKO 902

A CNC-controlled vertical drilling and dowel insertion machine is for sale Manufacturer: Bre.Ma. (BIESSE) Model: EKO 902 Bn8luoutu7e Year of construction: 2013 Working length: 160... ...

Machining center
Machining center IMA BIMA 300

CNC machining center IMA Type: BIMA 300 Pdjf7uvfi... ...

CNC processing centre windows & doors
CNC processing centre windows & doors MASTERWOOD 4 Win,Fenster,Tueren - Video -

max. workpiece length 4400 mm profile spindle 1 Stück main drive 19,2 kW Control Beckhoff CNC machining center MASTERWOOD 4 WIN ----- STOCK MACHINE: Immediately available!!!!! Sp... ...

machining center
machining center Biesse Rover B 4.40 FT

The used Biesse Rover B 4.40 FT CNC Machining Center, ideally situated in Belgium. Designed to accommodate a diverse array of projects, this CNC machining center boasts an expansiv... ...

machining center
machining center Holzher Easy-Master 7015

The used Holzher Easy-Master 7015 CNC Machining Center, a remarkable machinery piece from the year 2003, currently housed in Belgium. This CNC machining center is engineered to pro... ...

machining centre
machining centre MASTERWOOD Project 300

I am selling a 4-axis CNC Masterwood Project 300 V2 r.v.2009 in very good condition. The base of the machine consists of a robust monolithic construction called portal construction... ...

machining center
machining center HOMAG BOF-714

CNC with four heads, good condition Doyvx7... ...

CNC working center
CNC working center Holzher Pro-Master 7123

Numerical Control with Campus software Working range in the X axis 5000 mm Working range in Y axis 1350 mm Working range in Z 320 mm Worktop with 8 adjustable bars Schmalz type suc... ...

machining center
machining center Felder Format 4 Profit H22

4 Axis cnc machine center , Format 4 Profit H22 Exelent condition , Year 2011 Working dimension X 3.060 mm Working dimension Y 1.260 mm Working dimension Z 100 mm Number of milling... ...

machining center
machining center CNC BIESSE ROVER C 6.65 CONF.3 5 C6.65 CONF 3.5

Good Morning I have for sale CNC Biesse C.65 of 2007 . Machine in our possession since 2017r serviced still in production . Full documentation with spare system disk . Drill after ... ...

Machining center
Machining center Biesse Rover 20

CNC machining center Biesse Rover 20 Year of construction 1997 Manufacturer Biesse Italy S/N 64851 Working area 2.893 x 950 mm 6 traverses with 12 vacuum cups Milling spindle with... ...

Machining center
Machining center WEEKE BO5 OPTIMAT aus Ausbildungsbetrieb

CNC machining center WEEKE type BO5 OPTIMAT Year of manufacture 1993 Technical data: Ccbnfkk Working length 2500 mm Working width 650 mm Working height 50 mm Vertical drilling gea... ...

Drilling machine
Drilling machine Morbidelli Globo 363

With one horisontal drilling-unit and two vertical drilling-units. Centerspace 32 mm. 21 spindles. Vertical drilling-units can be turned 90 degrees. Rhd2wavypv Year: 1990.... ...