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Rauscher & Reyhing GmbH

Rauscher & Reyhing GmbH from Hohenstein-Bernloch:

Unseren kompletten Maschinenbestand finden Sie auf unserer Homepage
unter www.rauscher-reyhing.de

Wir sind als mittelständischer Händler seit 1993 aktiv.
In 72531 Hohenstein haben wir seit 2000 ein Ausstellungszentrum, mit weit über 50 Ausstellungsmaschinen (Neu/Gebraucht).

Dort können Sie unsere Maschinen besichtigen und ausprobieren.

Gerne sind wir Ihnen bei der Suche nach der passenden Maschine behilflich.

Wir liefern unsere Maschinen auf Wunsch mit unserem eigenen Fuhrpark aus.

Bei einer Ausfuhr in die z.B Schweiz kümmern wir uns für Sie um die Zollabwicklung.

Mr Wolfgang Rauscher
Meidelstetter Str. 13
72531 Hohenstein-Bernloch

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Edge Banding Line
Edge Banding Line IMA Combima

An edge banding line including feeding, turning device and an automatic drilling machine is available. The longitudinal machine enables the processing of thick edges and is equippe... ...

edgebander HOLZ-HER SPRINT 1317

Used SPRINT 1317 edge banding machine. Top condition , Only 135 000 m. done Sqqobmqkc - Year 2009 - still in production use , untill the New will come , in about 30 days - Top Pric... ...

edgebander Brant KDF 220

2011 Brant / Homag edgebanding Machine, recently serviced, new motors, pre-milling heads replaced, scrapers replaced , saw blades replaced. can be shipped for additional cost Etra... ...

Edge banding machine
Edge banding machine HEBROCK F2

Hebrock edge banding machine F2 With PLC control (incl. touchscreen) with hot-melt adhesive application to the workpiece for edgebanding crials up to 3 mm, joint milling machine (i... ...

Edge banding machine
Edge banding machine Holz-Her Uno 1302

Used machine Year of construction: 2007 Edge thickness strips: 0.4 3 mm Edge thickness of rolls: 0.4 3 mm (depending on material) Edge height: max. 51 mm Panel thickness: 6 45 m... ...

Edge banding machine
Edge banding machine HOMAG OPTIMAT KL 76/A3

HOMAG OPTIMAT KL 76/A3 Incl. recirculation TECHNICAL DATA Feed infinitely variable: 18 - 24 m/min Working height: 950 mm Feed rate: max. 20 m/min. Workpiece length: min. 240 mm on... ...

Sold out

Panel saw
Panel saw SCM Sigma Impact K

We are selling a well-maintained panel dividing saw from SCM Sigma Impakt K The machine is still assembled and can be inspected. Features: Cutting width 3800 mm Cutting length 3200... ...

Edge Bander
Edge Bander Holzmann KAM 115 P

Catalog number 7360 TECHNICAL DATA - table dimensions 2050x350mm - dimension of table with support 2050x940mm - min. workpiece length 120mm - min. width of the workpiece 90mm - th... ...

Edge banding machine
Edge banding machine EBM KDP 112 SLK

Used machine Year of construction: 2000 MNo.: 306 Proven rapid heating basin; heating time approx. 5 min. Safety interlock of the application roller; the roller only starts aft... ...

Edge banding machine with joining and corner copying
Edge banding machine with joining and corner copying Lange Maschinenbau B 85 KFE

Exhibition machine Year of construction: 2023 Workpiece width min. approx. 75 mm Workpiece thickness 8 - 50 mm Workpiece length min. approx. 120 mm/180 mm for corner copying E... ...

Edge banding machine
Edge banding machine Brandt KDF 350 C

Used machine Year of construction: 2005 Condition: Ready to use Equipment and technical data: Joining unit 2 x 2.2 kW Gluing station glue pot Cross-cut unit 2 motors Joint trim... ...

Edge banding machine
Edge banding machine Format 4 Perfect 710 E-Motion

Used machine Used edge banding machine of the company Format 4 type Perfect 710 E - Motion Year of construction: 2014 MNo.: Technical data: Control unit with 10.... ...

edgebander BIESSE Akron 1100 J

Single side edgebander BIESSE mod. Akron 1100 J in very good condition. TECHNICAL DATA Workpiece height 8 - 50 mm Edge height 12 - 54 mm Edge thickness from roll 0,4 - 3 mm Edg... ...

Edge banding machine
Edge banding machine SCM Group Olimpic K 1000

Used edge banding machine from SCM K1000 with approx. 9114 hours running time. The machine is ideal for edging carrier boards. SCM is a reliable brand in the industry. Perfect fo... ...

Edge banding machine
Edge banding machine Brandt Homag KDF 1650 Highflex mit PU Top Zustand

Year of construction 2010 Well maintained and serviced few operating hours Glue thickness max 12 mm Panel thickness max 60 mm Roll material thickness max 3 mm Workpiece width min 7... ...

Edge Bander
Edge Bander Brandt optimat kd 56 CP

BRANDT Veneer Machine glue granulate tank, applied with a roller pre-cut guillotine pressure rollers 2 dripping balls Top and bottom straight and radius cutters Grf3vsjtd pro... ...

Edgebander HOLZ-HER Arcus 1334

HOLZ-HER Arcus 1334 edgebander from 2010 for sale. Machine in very good condition. Possibility to check and test on site. Edgeband thickness max: 8 mm Panel thickness max: 60 mm T... ...

Jointer & thickness planer combined
Jointer & thickness planer combined Knapp/Felder AD410 Profi

Knapp planer thicknessing machine type: AD 410 Profi Planing width 410 mm Pognzqsko Infinitely variable feed on the thickness planer with its own motor adjustable from 6 - 12 mtr. ... ...

Curved edgebander
Curved edgebander SCM Contura

Edge thickness: 0.5 - 3.0 mm Edge height: 15 - 63 mm Feed speed: 2 - 10 m/min Dozcfx Motor power: 4.0 kW LxWxH: 1100 x 1000 x 1400 Weight: 250 kg... ...

trimming machine for curves
trimming machine for curves SCM Pratika

Edge thickness: 0.5 - 3.0 mm Edge height: 16 - 63 mm Minimum inner radius: 30 mm O9s7bagns Minimum outer radius: 5 mm Motor power: 0.51 kW LxWxH: 1100 x 1000 x 1400 Weight: 180 kg... ...

Edge Bander
Edge Bander Brandt KDF 440 C

For sale Brandt KDF440 C of 2016.Mileage 8118.28h Machine in good technical and visual condition. Serviced to the end by Homag company. Possibility to check and test on site in Wro... ...

Edge banding machine
Edge banding machine Felder G 480

We offer for sale a professional edge banding machine with pre-milling unit of the company FELDER model G480. Below you will find some useful information about the machine: * Year ... ...

Edgebander Brandt KDF 440 HIGHFLEX 1440

Brandt KDF 440 HIGHFLEX 1440 from 2015 for sale. The machine is in very good technical and visual condition. Technical data: - Sticker thickness: max 8 mm - Sticker height max. 66... ...

Edgebanding machine
Edgebanding machine Casadei Flexa 23 RMA8

The automatic edge joining machine FLEXA 23 is exceptionally solid and is an excellent solution for craftsmen, small and medium-sized enterprises. The Casadei Flexa23 RMA8 feature... ...

one. Edge banding machine
one. Edge banding machine BRANDT (HOMAG) OPTIMAT KDF 670

Single-sided edge banding machine with joint milling and copying, for processing EVA hotmelt adhesives 2nd glue pot, used for PU Technical data: Edge thickness 0.4 - 12 mm Workpie... ...