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Verkauf von gebrauchten und neuen Metallbearbeitungsmaschinen

Mr Hans Zölch
Lager: Bahnhofstraße 51
95643 Tirschenreuth

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Coupling SEW-Eurodrive LP112 KTR Rotex 38

mechanically switchable clutch, releasable clutch, power clutch, clutch -Manufacturer: SEW-Eurodrive, motor/gearbox coupling housing with claw coupling -Use: for gear units SEW-Eu... ...

Clamping tool set
Clamping tool set Teco M10 Nutbreite 12 mm

Clamping devices, clamping claws, deep clamping jaws, clamping pads, clamping tools, step claws, low clamps, clamping irons, step blocks Bjee090Tec -Manufacturer: Teco, clamping t... ...

Tool set
Tool set

- Various milling and drilling tools with holders Quantity 33 Tool type: Taps, twist drills, thread milling cutter, cutter head, end mill, insert drills, deep hole drill, counter... ...

Horizontal-vertical rotary table
Horizontal-vertical rotary table WALTER , RtW 400 TG

Execution : . - Clamping surface D = 400 mm - Overall height 196 mm - . - 3-jaw chuck TOS , D = 250 mm , very good condition Dpa2O7 .... ...

Clamps AMF 7500-25

Clamping claws, clamping devices, clamping elements, clamping irons, clamping devices, clamps, clamping tools, step clamps, low clamps, clamping irons, power clamps, compact clamps... ...

Tool set
Tool set

Extensive set of drills and cutters Tool type drills, end mills, reamers, taps, NC taps, thread milling cutter, graver Cutting material solid carbide, HSS-E Sbvuohuyub... ...

Tool set
Tool set

Tool type Drills, reamers, end mills, indexable inserts Isvmxie Cutting material HSS, HM, HSS-E, VHM... ...

Tool set
Tool set

Mainly new and with content Tool type drills, deep hole drills, end mills, NC drills, reamer, T-slot cutter, dovetail milling cutter Sbvhnagvpv Cutting material solid carbide, HS... ...

Rotary table 380 mm
Rotary table 380 mm DECKEL , FP

used rotary table, diameter 380 mm Bok3J9Hb32K from from DECKEL accessories stock... ...

Machining center
Machining center HURCO Winmax V9 Upgrade Paket

You are bidding on a Hurco Winmax V9 package, suitable for Ultimax 4 machines built from 2006 onwards. The package has been properly uninstalled and can be reinstalled on all Ultim... ...

Collets (P2)
Collets (P2) SK50 , Aufnahme ISO 50

. 7 pieces used SK50 direct collets , each . 1piece : D = 6 mm Boisoc83Kse D = 10 mm D = 12 mm D = 16 mm D = 20 mm D = 24 mm D = 32 mm . ,,,,,... ...

Facing and boring head ,
Facing and boring head , RÖHM , SK 50 / ISo 50

. Made by RÖHM ISO 50 mount Hghhygr0B incl. accessories as per pictures . ........ ...

Clamping bracket (8 pieces)
Clamping bracket (8 pieces) LENZKES 30-110

We offer you: Boe3J2Kzpnw LENZKES 30-110 Clamping bracket (8 pieces) Condition: very good condition... ...

Spare Parts
Spare Parts URAWA UB 75 H

Scope of delivery as illustrated x Packing ?*?*? mm Shipping weight ? kg Bhnd7Ctp... ...

Spare Parts
Spare Parts Deckel Maho DMU 75

Packing 1600*1900*450 mm Dm2Uciqc7 Shipping weight ca. 400 kg... ...

Spare Parts
Spare Parts MAHO MH 600 E2

weight max. in kg 3000 kg weight 120 kg Transport device / crane lifting beam suitable for Load capacity 3 tonnes Dead weight approx. 120 kg Scuyarc approx. 1000 x 500 x 300 mm Dim... ...

Spare Parts
Spare Parts HURCO Ultimax / Winmax

weight 6 kg Shipping weight 6 kg amount 6 Stück Jwnvz8I... ...

Centering device ,
Centering device , Centrikator

. Bodd9X09Hba Clamping shank , D = 16 mm . Measuring range up to : D approx. 125 mm . Key insert straight , with ball , D = 5 mm Key insert curved , with ball , D = 5 mm . Button i... ...

Spare Parts
Spare Parts DECKEL FP 3 CC ( NC / A )

Scope of delivery as illustrated div. Baugruppen Shipping weight Auf Anfrage kg Packing Auf Anfrage mm Ti7Rkurq DECKEL FP 3 CC / 2811 Assembly overview Item Manufacturer Designa... ...

Spare Parts
Spare Parts UNISIGN passend u.a. zu Univers 4

Packing 260*160*160 mm Shipping weight 5 kg Bqlnbk8Jh Scope of delivery as illustrated - Set of magazine pockets / tool holder SK 40 Control: 7 basic holders + 10 storage pockets... ...

Automatic labeler,label applicator Zebra
Automatic labeler,label applicator Zebra Zebra 110PAX4

Automatic labeler, label applicator Zebra 110PAX4 /ct1899 Manufacturer: Zebra Do0B3X Type: 110PAX4 The product comes with full documentation and software.... ...

Automatic labeler,label applicator Zebra
Automatic labeler,label applicator Zebra Zebra 110PAX4

Automatic labeler, label applicator Zebra 110PAX4 /ct1898 I0Xles9Yz Manufacturer: Zebra Type: 110PAX4 The tagger's status is incorrect. The name of the problem is: Printing moved... ...

Automatic labeler, label app
Automatic labeler, label app Zebra 110PAX4

Manufacturer: Zebra Type: 110PAX4 The product is supplied with complete documentation and software. Contact us by phone or e-mail if you have any questions! Bobd2Jpp3Ak Best reg... ...

Angle milling head
Angle milling head MINIMATIC Art.# 183167 6000 UpM.

Angle milling head Fabr. MINIMATIC Art.# 183167 Ser.# 6170501 Technical data: Input speed 6000 rpm. Vwheh0Io Torque max. 30 kN Gear ratio 1 : 1 Axle intersection length 199.90 mm ... ...

Timing belt pulley
Timing belt pulley unbekannt 20 Zähne Riemenbreite 16 mm

Flat belt pulley, toothed pulley, multi-belt pulley, timing belt pulley -Timing belt pulley: Ø 36 mm -Type: unknown -Hole: Ø 10 mm -20 teeth: belt width 16 mm -Quantity: 57x timin... ...