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P.W.Polipaso Sp. z o.o.

P.W.Polipaso Sp. z o.o. from Katowice:

Polipaso Sp. zo.o. od 30 lat zajmuje się sprzedażą, kompleksowymi remontami oraz serwisem urządzeń do przerobu złomu i metali.
Nasze usługi wykonujemy na tereie całej Europy.
Prowadzimy również sprzedaż części zamiennych.

Mr Jarosław Pala
Transportowcow, 37
40-403 Katowice

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Rail breaker
Rail breaker Schienenbrecher ESB-125 inkl. automatisches Rollenmagazin

For sale here is our rail breaker, incl. magazine and all accessories. Brdxw8z2ko... ...

Scrap shears
Scrap shears ZDAS CNS 400K - Diesel, inkl. Trichter u. UG

Incl. newly welded feed hopper and support base (approx. 800 mm higher). B9t8y0hd In very good condition and ready for immediate use.... ...

Scrap shears
Scrap shears Lefort 900 Mobile

Cutting force: 900 t. Cutting width: 940 mm Max cutting stroke: 600 mm Cutting length variable Cutting strokes per min. approx. 4 Pressure material clamping cylinder: 180 t. Pressi... ...

scrap shears
scrap shears Moros H-L-550

This used Moros H-L-550 will soon be available from Bronneberg! Contact us for more information on this scrap shear. Blfdymfjqum... ...

Scrap shears
Scrap shears Leimbach HS 1400/8000

We hereby request the following machines and equipment as a package: Leimbach HS 1400/8000-2500-6/1-L Brand: Leimbach Model: HS 1400/8000-2500 Dimensions in mm (LxWxH): approx. 264... ...

Shear bailer
Shear bailer LEFORT TSPFE 500

Machine is plugged in and can be tested at any time. Main hydraulic pump was refurbished last year. Pushing cylinder refurbished two years ago with new piston installed. PLC upgrad... ...

Scrap shears
Scrap shears TOMMEN + CO Typ 200

Used scrap shears THOMMEN + CO, Typ. 200, Csn9qxtwf year 1981, 4 Kw, blades little used, like new,... ...

scrap shear
scrap shear Becker Dortmund 250T

Used Becker Scrap Shear type 250T Nxqg2fxhrl Length of box: 5.000 mm Cutting force: 250 Tonnes Machine is directly available! Please contact us today for the interesting condition... ...

scrap shear
scrap shear Leimbach HS960

Leimbach HS960 Scrap Shear. Immediate availability. Year: 2004, having undergone a full relining in 2022 this machine work beautifully Hours: 23,000 Nusfx29kpv Still in use daily... ...

Scrap shears
Scrap shears Franz Arnolds Söhne GmbH/ ATM HS-125/350

We are selling a fully functional scrap shear/alligator shear. Overhauled by ATM at the end of 2023. - Ready for immediate use - No repairs necessary Bp782qsrc0 - 4 washers includ... ...

Scrap shears
Scrap shears Copex CVM 500t

Copex CVM 500t Bjbaodno2ed Overhauled available immediately... ...

Scrap shears
Scrap shears Lindemann LIS 616-8

Stationary scrap shears Lindemann LIS 616-8, electro Technical details: Description: Stationary scrap shears. Manufacturer: Lindemann Machine type: LIS 616-8 Shear force: 630 t Dri... ...

scrap shear
scrap shear Bonfiglioli Squalo 1000 Incline Shear

Bonfiglioli Squalo 1000 Incline Shear. Immediate availability. Bxkv0nsc Year: 2018 Diesel powered A fully mobile scrap shear and easily transported using a unique roll-on/roll-off... ...

scrap shear
scrap shear Bonfiglioli Squalo 1000

The machine referred to herein is an automatic hydraulic shears that can be transported on the back of a truck having detachable equipment and it is used to cut metal material. Pyr... ...

500 Mobile Shearing and Baler
500 Mobile Shearing and Baler Lefort YA953R4717G171008

Lefort 500 Mobile Shearing and Baler In Perfect working condition Hxyqtzl Available from Jan -Feb 2024... ...

Baler and Shear
Baler and Shear Euromec 600 Raptor

For sale Euromec Raptor 600. 2013 machine with only 3053 hours only. This machine is in mint condition and will go straight to work. Can be viewed working. So, for more information... ...

Taurus SM 540P-2560.22 E
Taurus SM 540P-2560.22 E TAURUS SM 540-2560.22 E

Hydraulic scrap shear Taurus SM540 Cutting force: 500 t Drive: 2x 55 kW Machine ex location South-Germany Fzdm8co Dismantling and loading: On request by personnel IUT Beyeler AG Y... ...

Danieli Henschel CIC 600-10 l
Danieli Henschel CIC 600-10 l Danieli Henschel CIC 600-10 l

Hydr. scrap shear AKROS 600 t, type CIC 600 - 10 Cutting force: 600 t Tamper: incl. Radio remote control included Drive: 110 kW Machine ex location Switzerland Dismantling and load... ...

Arox EHS21-R Scrap Shear
Arox EHS21-R Scrap Shear AROX EHS21-R

Now available at Bronneberg: this new Arox EHS21-R Scrap Shear! Contact us for more information about this shear! Djhzsj... ...

mobile scrap shears with diesel engine
mobile scrap shears with diesel engine Bonfiglioli Squalo 800

scrap shears Bonfiglioli Squalo 800 Year of manufacture: 2001 Weight: 42 t Pressure: 800 t Capacity: approximately 6-8t/hour The diesel engine was renovated 4 years ago. Since th... ...

Louritex PHGM 500t shear baler electric
Louritex PHGM 500t shear baler electric Louritex 500t

Cut Force: 500 Ton Clamp Force: 90 Ton Force per wing: 130 Ton Pusher Force: 120 Ton Electric Engine: 90kW with a speed variator Open Box Size: 2400 x 5000 mm Bale Dimen... ...

Sierra Scrap Shear
Sierra Scrap Shear Sierra

Contact us for more information. Cf37fpuzor... ...

Scrap press Metal Baling Press
Scrap press Metal Baling Press Arnold HS850 850 t metal shear baler press

Arnold HS850 Scrap & Metal Presse Die Maschine befindet sich derzeit in transportbereitem Zustand. master cylinder cylinder force: 850 t press: 0.08m/s hold-down cylinder cylind... ...

Scrap Shear
Scrap Shear McSchrott MS-5000e

Scrap Shear MS-5000e ( with electrical motor) Modell: MS-5000e Cutting Power: 500t Blade length: 1400mm B23i9q7vhc Output size: 500mm Power: 90 KW Capacity: 7-10 t/h Machine Weigh... ...