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Battery shuttering (standing) -4 fan of casting, size: 3000 x 6500 mm (Hxw) -1 fixed wall, thickness of 780 mm -3 Mobile partition walls -1 movable wall -Incl. platform, stair and railings -BOSCH built-in incl. 17 outdoor joggers and controller -1 hydraulic unit to close Fzy782x -1 built-in heater more
We offer: used module formwork system The plants come from the assets of an insolvent paver of different concrete elements (ceiling, walls, garages and modules). The facility was expertly dismantled on the basis of production of the client and stored in outdoor areas. A functional test is therefore not possible. Manufacturer: Fa.Schrade Schönaich / EBAWE Eilenburg Label: production line for space cell formwork as beat Street Gt37sk Year of construction: 1994 Reconstruction / overha... more

Framed formwork Maximo Peri

ABC-Straße 35, 20354 Hamburg, DeutschlandGermany
6484 km
unexamined (used)
Winhöring / Landshuter str. 57 Attention: Sales is expressly subject! Quantity approx. 1.400 m ² Bidding: EUR 250,000 Recovery order: Abdullah machinery & equipment GmbH & Co. KG Buyer's premium: 18.00% more
Protective railings Kennel fall protection during the increased construction work Usage: up to 40 cm thick cover. -easy fixing through rotating crank Bbsp8u7crn -geschweißte hook, intended for a Board Material: steel square tube 40x40mm Weight: approx. 4.5 kg Price per piece: 9,99 Euro (painted) Z.Zeit Creative Commons ca. 350 pieces more
for T elements 5 m + foot width 2.5 m + the formwork height width of elements = 1.05 m If required incl. pattern from a suspended cage + idle + new price 24,000 DM Bbfc9m8aoa more
27 fully galvanised steel tube supports with external thread With U - head to safe work Easy to clean no injury Iohhpxmx Length: 180-300 cm Top condition Item condition: Used Shipping costs please contact us. more
4 PCs. gebr. Plant stone forms for ZENITH 939 HB FAZ consisting of 4 individual forms including forms load / frame Bcadk8fdkk 2 x plant stone shape 2 x embankment stone more
For sale: steel beams for 250 square meters of ceiling formwork. Scope of delivery: 55 x beam 4 m, beam 6 x 3 m, 6 x beam 2 m the steel girder system of mark STEN is a good alternative to DOKA system H 20 and gives following advantages: - ultra light (only 17 kg per item) - load - time para same mounting height -money-economical construction without clevises (such as in H20) - good resale (use in construction gazebos, carports, etc.) 2ht93hewa Price €4100 1900 euros, NP. Construction s... more
3 piece used spiral staircase formwork Fabr. Swing HAMMER type I, II, and III Bbconu00gj 3 each 1 x linksgewendelter and 1 x rechtsgewendelter formwork slope heights possible Gradient height: 17.7; 17.9 and 18.3 cm Barrel width 100 or 90 cm 13-17 climbs more

Staircase formwork / Delta Sadiq ramp HOWAL Delta

Musterstadt, GermanyGermany dealership location
6367 km
Used stair formwork / Delta Sadiq ramp Make Howal type Delta Sadiq ramp Gbprjljh For stairs in position up to 3 m width and 18 climbs Maximum landing length 2 m Formwork-smooth ceiling with steel lining more

Tilting tables

Musterstadt, GermanyGermany dealership location
6367 km
3 PCs. gebr. Hydr. Tilting tables Bahra3jul7 Button: 11.30 x 3.40 m Steel base plan Incl. 2 hydraulic cylinders more

Flat cars

Musterstadt, GermanyGermany dealership location
6367 km
4 PCs. gebr. Flat cars Schalfaeche per train: approx. 10 x 2.50 m ===== Bify3pp0 Steel base plan Incl. Thermooelheizschlangen more


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