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Ich möchte eine gebrauchte eiserzeugungsanlage abgeben. die anlage ist seit 20 jahren nicht mehr in betrieb. sie eignet sich als Ausstellungsstück.durch die Salzsole hat rost angesetzt. bitte melden sie sich bei mir.

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Air Cooler Unbekannt DZAE 61
Air cooler, evaporator, cold storage, refrigerated containers, cold room, ceiling type unit air cooler -1 x fan fan diameter 400 mm Lamb Elen distance mm Lne7h Dimensions 1030/1770/H400 mm Weight 82 kg
Special Machine KÜBA SGBE 33
temperature: -5 bis +12 °C wall thickness max.: 80 mm dimension L-W-H: 14,3x4,4x3,6 m Cold Storage Plant with wall thickness of 80mm - thermal insulation PU Foam, accurate dimensions and foamed without Chlorofluorocarbon / CFC - ...
Evaporator, liquid cooler Guentner #3961 S-GACA045,1 F/37 .E
New evaporator, never used Max temp: 100 °C Min temp: -50 °C Volume: 35,32 lit Bfkugakcqq Ventillator: VT0192
Freezer Ultra low Sanyo MDF-192
Device number: 90806464 capacity: 86 litres Bhqiunl878 Inner dimensions: 480 x 430 x 400 mm Connection: 0,55 kW Temperature: down to - 89°C Weight: 121 kg Dimensions: 740 x 800 x 950 mm
Extraction fan NM700EX 700 mm zakład WOMAS Oborniki-Rogoźno NM700EX
Horizontal exhaust fan with a diameter of 700 mm. Flow rate 300 m3 / min, powered by a 2.2 kW motor. The fan shaft has 940 rpm. It can work as a side exhaust on the room wall or as a horizontal roof. It is used in air conditioning ...
Chiller, refrigeration machine 96 kW MTA TAEevo Tech 402 + P3
96.1 kW, MTA air-cooled water chiller, type: TAEevo Tech 402 + P3 MTA S.p.A TAEevo Tech 402 are air-cooled compact water chillers that are suitable for outdoor installation. Including crankcase heater, phase monitoring, 500 liter ...
Air Cooler Rittal SK 3150100
Fan filter, fan line, air cooler -1 x fan -For 230 V-50/60 Hz 0.12/0,11A 19/18W Price per piece Pr8odi -1 x available Weight 0.75 kg
Composite facility Frigopol refrigeration Verbundanlage Frigopol 3 Motoren Typ LTD5 40L DLYA 7,5
Refrigeration technology composite plant Frigopol Used goods, good condition, see pictures. 40L DLYA 7.5 Type LTD5 (D90750) 3 motors each 5.5 kW Bej9eqxcb7 D1000 R22 675L Length 2 m Width 80 cm Height 1.65 m 2 pcs availabl ...
Cooling device DTE K-004.3
The refrigeration machine was used as a demonstration unit and therefore little used,, the device belongs to the K2 series. Propane R290 was used as refrigerant, 100% environmentally friendly Hmoys3r
Freezing cell Viessmann
Freezer compartment 250 cm x 250cm refrigerator available, not included in the price Degradable Nvvdf Pick up with dismantling
Cooling Unit KKT-Kraus Industriekühlung KLC 63 T
S / N: IK 4100-01-04 Refrigerant: R 407 C Max filling weight: 25 kg Nvkcv Immediately available, from location in Solingen. Disassembly and loading under the responsibility of the buyer.
Water Chiller Non Ferrous 30,5 kW MTA TAEevo Tech 101 - NF
30.5 kW, MTA air-cooled water chiller, type: TAEevo Tech 101 + P3-NF-FAN MTA S.p.A TAEevo Tech 101 + P3-NF-FAN is an air-cooled compact water chiller as non-ferrous version that is suitable for outdoor as well as for indoor insta ...
Refrigeration compressor FRIGOPOL D 6d15o
Compressor, chiller, refrigeration compressor, chiller, refrigeration compressors, compressor Power 1,1 kW Speed 1400 RPM Dimensions 700/350/H500 mm Qkobvmnmp Weight 90 kg
Coolant plant Kühlmittelaufbereitungsanlage Leroy Some 0,12 kW 750 tr/min
Coolant treatment plant Second-hand goods, see pictures Manufacturer Leroy Somer 0.12 kW 750 tr/min length 110 cm width 75 cm Height 155 cm Qq0ehoo negotiation price: € 900,-- net ex stock Stock is on hand. Transportation pos ...
Precision climatic chamber Leonardo Evolution Uniflair
This is a climatic cabinet from the company Uniflair/ Leonardo Evolution. The system was used in a Swiss hospital. Operating hours approx. 1'700 The location is Pratteln (Switzerland). A possible transport/customs clearance etc. c ...
beer rounddell Ewers APK1
First registration: 04/1987 Year of construction: 1987 permissible total weight: 1800 kg HU: 06/2020 width x height 1800 mm x 3000 mm with cold store and continuous cooling Ring clutch with air brake with cold store and continuous ...
Air Conditioning Chamber Epsilon Echos 25 ST1P
temperature max.: Ein-Austritt: 12 / 7 ° length: 1105 mm width: 675 mm height: 1385 mm 9ytdhgqei control voltage: 230-24V /50Hz weight of the machine ca.: 318 auf Anfrage! kg air conditioning system consisting of 8 ceiling devic ...
Refrigeration compressor BITZER 4VCS-10.2Y-40D 400V/50Hz OVP
Semi-hermetic Bitzer reciprocating compressor Fw0ffbv Unused from stock liquidation Originally packaged Year of manufacture: 2011 Number of cylinders: 4 CR levels: 50% Motor design: Star-delta D: 400V-3-50Hz / 460V-3-60Hz Y: 690V ...
Refrigeration Compressor FRIGOPOL D750-R12-450H
Compressor, chiller, refrigeration compressor, chiller, refrigeration compressors, compressor Hia73bx28 Power 5,5 kw Speed 1415 U/min -1 x available Award pieces Dimensions 450/500/H560 mm Weight 150 kg
Refrigeration equipment -60ºC Vahterus (Gea) 5HH-110/1/1 y 3HH-176/1/1
Cooling system at -60ºC in perfect condition. It is ready to be disassembled, free of refrigerant and electricity. Is posible to visit. We accept offers. Gv8goc
Chiller, refrigeration machine 44 kW MTA TWEevo Tech 161
44.1 kW, MTA water-cooled water chiller, type: TWEevo Tech 161 + P3 M.T.A. Spa. TWEevo Tech 161 + P3 are water-cooled compact water chillers that are suitable for indoor installation. Including crankcase heater, phase monitoring, ...
Chiller 48 Kw for Cognak -20 C Chiller CGIA-22-1-SP
Chiller for cooling water or other liquids. It was over programmed for cooling cognac and brandy up to -20 C. Its made for killing bacteria. Cooling capacity 48 kw. Good condition. It comes together with four fan 2.5 m long evapor ...
Water cooler/chiller MTA TAE evo M 05
br. water cooler/chiller Make MTA Model TAE evo M 05 Machine no.: 2200105680 Year of manufacture 2007 Nominal power 1,6 kW Power consumption 7.0 A Refrigerant R407C Filling quantity 0,48 kg Permissible operating pressu ...
Refrigeration compressor BITZER 4NCS-20.2Y-40D 400V/50Hz OVP
Semi-hermetic Bitzer reciprocating compressor Number of cylinders: 4 CR levels: 50% D: 400V-3-50Hz / 460V-3-60Hz Y: 690V-3-50Hz Originally packaged Unused from stock liquidation Year of manufacture: 2010 Motor design: Star-delta ...
Air Cooler Roller SV1
Air cooler, evaporator, cold storage, refrigerated containers, cooling cell Gfusl7x -2 x fan 0,58 kw 1200 Watt Weight 16 kg
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