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Uab Gkf Lumber Group

Uab Gkf Lumber Group from Kaunas:

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Ms Alma B.
Taikos pr. 141
51132 Kaunas

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cutting machine
cutting machine ÜSTÜNKARLI LOG CARRIAGE – UTA_Z3_85_200

LOG CARRIAGE - UTA_Z3_85_200 3 Headblocks CE Sbli3ts2ez BAND SAW - UHM 120_M Diameter of wheels 1200 mm 50 hp main motor Max. cutting height 1090 mm Max. cutting width 620 mm CE ... ...

Saw Mill with Double Cut
Saw Mill with Double Cut Droste Schärftechnik VBS1100 SB

Sawmill Viking VBS1100 SB Log bandsaw with double-cutting band saw blades. Cuts back and forth!!! R97wofta2n Roller diameter: 950mm Bandsaw blades: double-sided = 160mm wide, singl... ...

WD FR8RM edging line
WD FR8RM edging line WD WD FR8RM

WD FR8RM edging line - maximum length of wood 7000 mm - minimum timber length 1100 mm - width of wood max 700 mm - maximum height of wood 100 mm - made in Germany TECHNICAL PARAM... ...

Sawmill for cutting thin lamellas
Sawmill for cutting thin lamellas Wintersteiger DSG 200

The DSG 200 vertical sawmill is an ideal option for carpentry shops specializing in furniture and wood flooring, it is efficient and performs effectively. A used Wintersteiger mini... ...

Sawmill Hewsaw Sawmill Veisto Hewsaw R200 A1 SE

Hewsaw R200 SE saw line Additional cutters for 2+2 side boards Wood lengths: 2.4-6.3m Wood diameter: 8-35cm Boglaucc2ti Feed rate: 30-90 m/min. Complete Sawline Hewsaw R200 SE Add... ...


Parameter Unit Value Technical data Number of cutting systems kpl. 1 Horizontal clearance mm up to 600 - according to order Vertical clearance mm max. 360 Main motor kW 7,5 Feed mo... ...

Double-shaft circular saw
Double-shaft circular saw Linck KSC 6

Linck KSC 6 Fire damage left side Bocn3bb2l2r... ...


The Mebor VC700 double-shft saw is in good working order and includes the following equipment: 1. Double arbor Multi Rip Saw Mebor VC700 - bottom arbor motor - 90kw - top arbor ... ...

ARI VISLANDA KS 12 two-saw.

Double saw for cutting side boards behind the canter. Good condition. Uzlimnji... ...

ARI VISLANDA DS-74+1 multi-saw

Swedish multi-saw ARIVISLANDA DS74+1 - 160kW; Dismantled in March 2024 from a working line ; 4 hydraulic servo floating saws; Technical condition as in the photos. Bocatlgltnb... ...

Log edger
Log edger ARIVislanda KS-12

ARI Vislanda log edger Rr0ebkydkv - Manufacturer: ARI Vislanda - Model: KS12 - Sawblade diameter: 1000 - 1150 mm - Min. log length: 2,5 m - Max. Cutting height: 445 mm... ...

Hydraulic under-table crosscut saw
Hydraulic under-table crosscut saw LINCK PH 50

Sturdy Linck hydraulic under-table crosscut saw with 2-hand operation. Cutting height 150 mm. Cutting width 550 mm. Saw motor 4.0 KW with V-belt drive. (Not a high-priced flat moto... ...

slitting line
slitting line BRODPOL Linia tartaczna

A processing line for sawing medium-sized wood: Equipment included in the line sold: 1. PK2200 log feeder. 2. prism roller conveyor. 3. double-sided log sawmill TT5/600/400 G - mi... ...

Gate system
Gate system Wurster & Dietz GXW 71 VH H 32 V

Gates GXW 71 fully hydraulic. Frame width 710 x 710 mm. Stroke 500 mm. Speed 300 rpm. Saw hook with slide-in hinges. Hydraulic clamping carriage H 32 V with electric auxiliary carr... ...

Multirip saw / Edger
Multirip saw / Edger Droste Ninja NS90-800 mit Laseranzeiger

Multirip saw / Edger Max. cutting width 800mm Max. cutting height 90mm Division of cuts freely adjustable Up to 8 Circular saws possible Laser cutting position marking Perfect for ... ...

Linck Oberkirch block train
Linck Oberkirch block train Blockzug + Scheibeneinleger + Entzerrer

Used Linck log feeder for sawmills, consisting of: - Equalizer (steep conveyor) - Feeder (disk feeder) - log puller - log ejector Cxjhkoisgc - incl. associated drives/motors and co... ...

Recutting circular saw
Recutting circular saw Esterer BNK 160

ESTERER EWD resaw Type: BNK 160 year of construction 1986 3-stile variable top shaft machine Maximum cutting height: 165mm Bwrergoeqk Maximum passage width: 800mm drive power 2x 75... ...

Frame saw
Frame saw Esterer HDS 600

Frame saw / full frame saw / saw frame ESTERER EWD HDS 600 (HDS/N HDSN) Year of construction 1973 600 stroke max. opening 71 cm S7oo3ld with splitting wedge Esterer Aver with drive... ...

Paternoster stacker with slat bundling
Paternoster stacker with slat bundling WDT Maschinenbau

Customized paternoster stacking systems in different technical designs for sawn timber lengths from 3.0 - 6.0 m ( length on request ) options: - with/without lath bundling (differ... ...

Chain-to-roof transfer
Chain-to-roof transfer Linck

Chain with you length 8 meters Width 1.5 meters Btvkg28ggm Bridge passage Price dismantled and loaded on truck Dismantled week 16... ...

Band saw
Band saw Stenner MHS9 MkII

MACHINE SPECIFICATION Band saw Thickness (Max / Min) 1mm - 0.8mm 19g - 21g Width (Max) 100mm 4" Length (maximum) 5245mm 17' 2" Length (maximum) 5145mm 16' 10" Wheel diameter 915mm ... ...

Log band saw
Log band saw Bögli horizontale Blockbandsäge Type ARL-110

used BÖGLI horizontal log bandsaw type ARL-110 The machine has been dismantled and is in perfect condition. Roll diameter 11000 mm, roll width 100 mm, drive motor 22,0 kW, blade t... ...

Chipper Rudnick & Enners RE-TH

Rudnick & Enners Drum Chipper 200/650/3 completely overhauled, like new. Hggj7ysbx Power- 45kW Inlet width: 600 mm / inlet height: 250 mm We can also offer retrofitted or new trans... ...

Cross cutting sorting and stacking line
Cross cutting sorting and stacking line KALLFASS FZA 6000

KALLFASS de-stacking, sorting, multiple cross cutting and stacking line, type FZA 6000 Consisting of: - Cross chain transport for wood packages - Tilt hoist - Transport belt for ... ...

Trimming system
Trimming system Wurster & Dietz FR7

Wurster & Dietz circular edging saw type FR7, No. 33127 Bl7iyp0eeqo Cutting height 160 mm with electric adjustment, with infeed and outfeed roller table splinter separator, board c... ...