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ERS management ltd. is vendor of new/used presses for the hot and cold forming of metals and offers a wide range of products.
Our products, which fully satisfy the requirements of our customers, includes:

Mr Volodymyr Lyutko
Office 11, 43 Bedford str
NW3 6BT London
Great Britain

More classifieds & machinery offers
Mechanical Crank Press 20 Ton HME OP 20

HME Mechanical Crank Press 20 Ton Model OP20 Serial Number 841 Cgjopanlfc... ...

Double-column crank press VEB Erfurt PKZZ 250

Ram force 2500 kN Table dimension 2500 x 1400 mm Ram size 2320 x 1240 mm Bztgix0y Ram stroke 400 mm Number of strokes 12 strokes per minute Adjustability of ram 120 mm Stroke of t... ...

Double Column Crank Press SMERAL LKT 250

Catalog No. : 4164 Type: LKT 250 Producer: SMERAL Made in: 1977 D8ixko9 Characteristic: Pressing force: 250 t Table: 1575 x 1150 mm Max. ram stroke: 250 mm Stroke: 20 / min Ra... ...

Crank press METALPRESS LKT 250

Catalog No. : 5698 Type: LKT 250 Producer: METALPRESS Made in: 1974, GO 2002 Characteristic: Pressing force: 250 t Length of the table: 1150 mm Width of the upper working table:... ...

Crank press ERFURT PKnT 160

Catalog No. : 5831 Type: PKnT 160 Producer: ERFURT Made in: 1987 Characteristic: Pressing force: 160 t Bxlu8may Maximum number of strokes: 15 1/min Power demand: 21 kW Ram stro... ...

Trimming press Erfurt PKZe 1250

Manufactured by Erfurt (Germany) Year of manufacture 1988 Strokes per minute 8 Slider stroke, mm 500 Ram dimensions, mm 1300 x 1400 Table size, mm 1600 x 1850 B8igck3m Max distance... ...

Press TA 250 TA 250

Press Punching force 350 T Bwwkpwcbea Strokes/minute 12-48 Manual slide stroke 330 mm Slide adjustment 215 mm The tools are aligned on the table with centering pins and fixed with ... ...

Press Spiertz F2E-32-22

Press, Spiertz Type F2E-32-22 Punching force 320 T Strokes/minute 17-29 Bpqhevoomx slide stroke 400 mm slide adjustment 325 mm Feed rate Feed height from table 280 - 430 mm coil wi... ...

Press Benelli 800 t.

Press Fabr. Benelli Punching force 800 T Oqstt Strokes/minute 12-20 Manual slide stroke 600 mm slide adjustment 300 mm The tools are aligned on the table with centering pins and fi... ...


Press SMERAL LDO 315 Producer SMERAL Type: mechanical trimming press Build year: 1981 Capacity: 3150 kN (315 tons) Ram Stroke; 200 mm Max. distance – ram to table ; 900 mm Table... ...

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